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Company Profile

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First, the company history

OPE电竞Founded in 2012, Dongguan New Mark Road Automation Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in the early days. The company gathered a core R & D team with innovative thinking, positioned to provide customers with high efficiency, stability and short payback cycle automation equipment. Since 3 years , The company developed at an alarming rate of development and launched a film machine and weighing, single electric screwdriver monorail automatic locking machine, electric screwdriver two-lane automatic locking screw machine, double-electric screwdriver double-track automatic locking device, double electric screwdriver double rail landing Automatic locking screw machine, double electric screwdriver monorail automatic locking screw machine, 360 degree rotating screw lock with any angle module, online automatic weighing equipment and other industry-leading equipment.

In 2013, it successfully sold 150 sets, sold 500 sets in 2014 and exceeded 1,200 sets in 2015. The customers include: Foxconn, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, BYD, Xeco, China Qin, Long Flag, Chun Sing, Huayang, , Mattel, Quantum, IAC, Electronics, Intex, Positivo

Second, innovative research and development

OPE电竞Innovation is the core competitiveness of the new road signs. The new road signs focus on high-end R & D team and focus on innovation. The trust of customers will inevitably stimulate more valuable innovations in the new road signs.

The new signpost released after the first release without a mode of operation, to promote the automatic locking screw machine in all sectors of the popular application; the first will be a single screw lock speed increased to 1.5 seconds; the first back-to-back dual power Batch structure; the first to introduce automatic discard screw handling function; the first to launch a key factory setting recovery function; the first to launch a 360-degree rotation of any angle screw locking function.

OPE电竞Third, the application areas

OPE电竞The new road signs series of automatic locking screw machine is widely used in mobile phones, tablets, laptops, navigators, keyboards, remote controls, toys, high-frequency amplifiers, LED modules and many other electronic digital industry.


Automatic screw machine manufacturers


Automatic screw machine manufacturers

Automatic screw machine manufacturers

Automatic screw machine manufacturers

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